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Meet Whitman and Rose

Whitman and Rose

To misquote Pinocchio, “I’ve got a real blog!” In celebration of this magical occasion in the life of a chatty, nap-loving, middle-aged mama, I am hosting a giveaway.

Whitman and Rose are Valentine’s babies that were lovingly handmade by Emma Conner, Crafter Extraordinaire.

Whitman and Rose need a forever home. Wouldn’t you like for them to live with you? Even better, wouldn’t you like to gift them to a child you cherish or a female you favor or a sensitive man who’s your sweetheart?

To win these treasures, you must comment on one of my blog posts. You must comment on Blabberings, not Facebook. You will receive one (1) entry per comment. You may comment on more than one blog post.

You may say anything you like, as long as it’s not unkind or Roll Tide or Roll Tide Roll or any combination or abbreviation of said words. For example,

 I read your blog to my granddaddy, and he laughed until his teeth fell out.

You are by far the prettiest King Girl.

Gee, I must get back to the laundry.  

The contest will run until 12:00 pm (noon) CST, Sunday, February 9. Prepare to be pestered ad nauseam via Facebook or just block me.

A low-tech strip of paper with the entrant’s name on it will be placed (1 per comment, as stated above) in this cute little Valentine’s heart bowl and will be drawn at random by Emma Conner, Crafter Extraordinaire.


The winner will be announced sometime that afternoon (probably after my nap) and must pinkie promise to take good care of the babies. Whitman and Rose will be taken to the post office on Monday morning and mailed to the winner. (And by “Monday morning,” I mean “Tuesday afternoon.”) Unless there is another big snow storm in LA (Lower Alabama), the babies will be on the winner’s doorstep in time for Valentine’s Day.



11 Responses to “Meet Whitman and Rose”
  1. Beth Johnson says

    Don’t let that boy baby have all of the chocolate goodness. If his name is Whitman, I think her name should be Godiva. (But roses are nice, too, for those non-chocoholics.) By the way, I’d feel selfish if I won because three of those babies already have a forever home with me. Plus, this year they’d have to share time with Mardi Gras decorations in my house and they deserve to be stars. Valentine chocolate and Mardi Gras Moon Pies…..How am I supposed to stick to my diet?

  2. Debbie DuChien says

    I just love reading your blog! I think you are an awesome writer. Of course if Whitman and Rose come to me this will only be a temporary stop on their way to Judson to live with my niece Mary. I think they will have a good time at Judson. It sure looks like Mary is enjoying it 🙂

  3. Debbie DuChien says

    Oh! Not to mention the fact that you are absolutely correct in the that Emma is a Crafter Extraordinaire. Whitman and Rose make a darling couple.

  4. Love your blog and Emma’s Whitman and Rose!

  5. Angie Anderson says

    You knew I couldn’t leave that quote hanging without commenting that you might be the prettiest King girl, but I was Daddy’s favorite all around. BUT, if he was still here, you’d be his favorite blogger!

    • Becky Payne says

      We all know he whispered in each daughter’s ear “you are the prettiest and I love you the best!”

  6. Leisa Owens says

    Oh how I love the days that I get to read a new blog from you. You are a soothing balm for when the world irritates my soul. It’s so sweet of you to offer us the chance for candy and flowers.

  7. Becky Payne says

    It’s exciting that you want to share the love and joy of your “grandchildren” with your dear friends. I would give them a good life! I would even tell them often that “granny” loves them!

    Send them to me! Please send them to me!

  8. Celeste, I always read your blog. Up to now, I have commented only on the Facebook, because I did not know how to subscribe and comment on blabberings. So here goes – and thanks for taking me just a tad beyond my comfort zone! That’s what (some) friends are for.

  9. Sara Beth says to Emma: remember “wholuvsyourbunny?!”

  10. Starla Spencer says

    I LOVE Whitney and Rose, and I need 3 of them, one for each of my sweet grand baby girls!

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